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Innovating Pelvic Health by Connecting Women to the Right Healthcare Faster



in the u.s., the ratio of ob-gyns to women is

2.65 to 10,000

In adulthood

1 in 3 women

will develop a pelvic health disorder 

Annually, pelvic health conditions cost the healthcare system

> 100 billion dollars


We exist to ensure that from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, pelvic health patients are coached on their conditions, supported by their providers, and motivated to achieve optimal health outcomes.


What is pelvic health?


Pelvic health pertains to all parts of the body “below the belt” and includes bladder and bowel health, vaginal health, uterine health, sexual health, and muscles and structures.

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Girls+ encompasses everyone on the gender spectrum, including girls, trans boys, intersex and nonbinary kids, youths who are otherwise queer or questioning, and all of their grown ups.

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Access and Disparity


Women and Girls+ who lack access to education and resources often face barriers to care and live with treatable pelvic health conditions longer, driving up costs and prolonging suffering.

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